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Colombia read a Peace Agreement with National Liberation Army

He Government that presides over Juan Manuel Santos goes to meet is with them terrorist of the so-called army of liberation national (ELN) the next day 27 of October, date in which should release to people abducted. The ELN is the second country terrorist group after FARC.

After the announcement of the start of negotiations the own Santos expressed his intention that with these negotiations, peace in Colombia will be complete.

The ELN, group terrorist founded in 1964 and that directs Nicolas Rodriguez «Gabino», is responsible, at least, of some 2,500 deaths between 1978 and 2015, as well as 6,800 kidnappings. More than half of the victims occurred mostly during the years 1998-2002, coinciding with the Government of Andrés Pastrana, who tried unsuccessfully in 1999 to reach peace agreements.

The process of opening the negotiations began in March. In those negotiations has produced a principle of agreement to put end to a conflict that has lasted almost half century. Colombia waited all the day of the Monday in a climate of hope due to the release of a civilian, the third that is delivered in two weeks.

The peace in the country of Colombia is very next, with this agreement of peace attached to which is has denied makes very little with the FARC is the disappearance of conflicts in the country of way total.

The disappearance of these terrorist groups will not only be beneficial for peace in Colombia, but in surrounding countries.