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Growing optimism about the peace process: survey

thumbAccording to Gallup, 52% of respondents believe that peace is signed.

Colombia is now a more optimistic country. According to two surveys known on Thursday (Pulse Country Datexco, and Gallup bimonthly), the mood of Colombians are up too a few months ago had.

And could be several reasons: the title role in the National team in the World Cup, the enabling environment around the peace process and the expectations for the new government of President Santos.

It is undeniable that the resounding successes achieved by the Colombian eleventh in Brazil have generated optimism in the country. Added to this is the start of the new term of Santos and its commitment to peace have also facilitated an environment for Colombians believe that things in Colombia are on a better path.

According to the survey Datexco, now 58 percent of Colombians believe that things are improving. Last March he believed that only 34 percent of respondents. That means an increase of 24 points.

In the Gallup poll, while Colombians optimism rose 9 points and is now at 35 percent, are pessimistic 37 percent. However, the percentage of skeptics decreased relative to the measurement of 19 points last month.

The optimism of Colombians where more is reflected in the polls, is in the process of peace. You could say that ending the conflict now looks closer. That was the mandate that accompanied the presidential election.

According Datexco, 52 percent believe that the agreement will be signed with the guerrillas. It is the first time in this measurement that the commitment to end the conflict is over 50 percent.

The same applies to Gallup, where for the first time since the dialogues of Cuba, more than 50 percent of respondents (55 percent) believe that will be achieved sign an agreement with insurgents to end the war began.

In Datexco favorable image of President Juan Manuel Santos rose 26 points, compared to last March, and is now at 55 percent. The approval of the president rose 21 points and reached 50 percent

In Gallup president’s favorability climbed 14 points in the last month and fell 48 percent. The negative image fell from 58 to 43 percent.

Approval of Santos rose from 42 to 53 percent and disapproval fell 17 points, was at 39 percent.
This study also confirmed that 61 percent of respondents agreed with the presidential election is over.

Moreover, the Gallup survey found that for the first time since former president Alvaro Uribe (1996) is measured, its negative image exceeds the positive. 49 percent of respondents said they have a negative image of the former president on the 45 percent who felt otherwise.