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Francisco: Who speaks of peace and trafficked weapons is a hypocrite


“Whoever speaks of peace and promotes war is hypocritical,” the pope Francisco this Saturday in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a country that in the 1990s suffered the bloody war Yugoslavia dissolved. The Holy Father again denounced arms trafficking during the meeting with young people in the Diocesan Youth Center “John Paul II”, the last activity performed in his apostolic visit to Sarajevo under the slogan “Peace be with you”.

While the Pope had a prepared speech, he chose to deliver the text to the church authorities to disseminate and then be able to respond to questions posed to him by three young men.

“I don’t see TV,” said Pope to the young generation
“In recent times we live to the media and have read them you do not see the TV. Can you explain why?” Was the first of the three questions posed to the Pope during his meeting with young people.

“I am ancient, stone age,” but when you see a TV show is not good, do it “as they did in the Stone Age” with bad books were neglected; It was the advice of Pope Francisco youth in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), which recalled the responsibility of the media and said he did not watch TV because I felt “this did not make me well,” he recalled that “half of the year 90 one night, I felt that this (watching television) did me good, that alienated me and I decided not to see more. ”

“When I wanted to watch a good movie went to the Archbishop Television Center (Buenos Aires) and only watched that movie there, but television, alienated me, took me out of me and did not help me.

He said “I understand that the time has changed and that we live in time image and this is very important.” However, “at the time of the image should do what was done in the time of the books, choose things that make me good. And here I can say two things. ”

“First, the responsibility of television centers, to make programs that do well with the values, build society and lead us forward and not down. And then make programs that help the true values become stronger and prepare us for life. This is the responsibility of television centers. ”

“Second, he added, knowing how to choose the programs. If I see that a program does me no good, it takes me down the values, makes me vulgar and enter vulgarity, also in the dirt, I change the channel. ”

To young people who listened attentively, Francisco said there was also a third point: “The point of bad fantasy that kills the soul. If you who are young and lives tied, glued to the computer, it becomes a slave to the computer, you lose freedom. And if you are looking dirty on computer programs, lost dignity. Watch TV, use the computer to the big things that make us grow is good. ”

The hypocrisy of those who speak of peace and selling weapons
The following two questions were about love and peace. Francisco said young people “do not want destruction” or make enemies of each other, want to walk together and this is great. ”

However, he claimed that not the case among the leaders. “Everyone talks about peace, some powerful Earth say very nice things about peace, but sold under arms”, criticized the Pontiff. “From you said to the young people I expect honesty, but honesty between what we think, feel and do, otherwise called hypocrisy.”

The pope said that inhabits the Balkans today’s youth is the “first generation after the war.” Of you “I expect honesty, no hypocrisy, union, you can walk from one side to the other on the bridges; This is brotherhood. ”

Later in the flight back to Rome, the press asked Francisco deepen these words, about the hypocrisy of those who speak of peace and under the table with the arms trade.

“Yes, there is hypocrisy always … so I say: it is not enough to talk about peace, we must make peace. And who speaks only of peace and peace does not contradict, and who speaks of peace and promotes war, for example by selling weapons, it is a hypocrite. It is well, “he said.