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Pope Francisco sends message of moderation and peace to Israel

The Pope spoke with the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, who asked to convey a message of coexistence, moderation and peace for all citizens of the region in light of the upsurge in violence in the area.

“The actions on behalf of the fans will not lead us anywhere.’s True that many innocent suffer and pay with their lives, but we should go ahead and pursue this path of prayer and peace,” said the pontiff to Peres, according to a statement from the Israeli Office Chair.

“I pray for a quick fix and a political solution,” said Francisco.

Israeli President leaving office next week, said, meanwhile, that “a small group of fanatics are the cause of suffering in Gaza.”

“Israel is doing everything possible to reduce the flames and minimize civilian casualties” of the conflict, Peres said, before adding: “We must continue to pursue a path to peace despite the fire.”

The head of the Jewish state participated last month with President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, in a common prayer for peace in the Middle East held in the Vatican gardens, at the invitation of the pope, who visited the Holy Land last May.

Source: EFE