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The IPU celebrates its 125th anniversary

thumbThe Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) on June 30 urged all political world to overcome the lack of confidence and suffering make politics inclusive affair, so that in the future democracy to thrive as it should.

In a message on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, held on June 30, the oldest multilateral political organization in the world said that public disillusionment with politics is leading to further marginalization of groups within society and undermining the peace and democracy.

The IPU urged parliamentarians worldwide to drive leadership to achieve the necessary change.

The president of the organization, Abdelwahad Radi said that lawmakers representing the popular will, must change their thinking and behavior and reconnect with people through a less confrontational and more inclusive way of doing politics. ”

Radi said that democracy can only work if parliamentarians are in tune with the will of the people. Because, above all else, is a mechanism to ensure the welfare of the population of a country.